St. Petersburg

July 10, 2016


St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia


Ms. Lee in the Alexander Garden


Ms. Lee standing close to the Statue of the Bronze Horseman

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July 11, 2016


The Kazan Cathedral


Ms. Lee in front of lots of columns at the Kazan Cathedral


The interior of the Kazan Cathedral


A copy of the painting of Last Supper was at top of the alter in Kazan Cathedral


Accordian player and his sister performing on the street for donations


Ms. Lee on the canal close to the Resurrection of Christ Church


Ms. Lee near the Resurrection of Christ Church


Another look at the Resurrection of Christ Church


Four saxophone players performing on the church ground for donations


The interior of the Resurrection of Christ Church



Four string players performing on the street near the Russian National Museum for donations


Ms. Lee and Peter the Great in the Russian National Museum


Ms. Lee is ready for a classical music concert at the Mariinsky Concert Hall in St. Petersburg, Russia


Ms. Lee at the stairway inside of the Concert Hall




The interior of the Mariinsky Concert Hall


The Russian pianist, Sergei Redkin, performed Ravel's Piano Concerto in G


After performing the "New World Symphony" composed by Antonin Dvocek, the conductor, James Conlon of the Los Angeles Opera, takes a final bow with the Mariinsky Orchestra


The Concert Hall plaza after the concert just after 9:00pm


The Mariinsky Theater is booked year round for Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake"


Looking at the 10pm Russian sky


Ms. Lee walked back to her hotel by passing the St. Isaac's Cathedral


A midnight view of the St. Isaac's Cathedral and part of the Four Seasons Hotel

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July 12, 2016

The Russian Rubles Ms. Lee exchanged in the bank for $200USD


Ms. Lee at the entrance to the world famous Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia


One of the lines to the ticket windows at the Hermitage Museum


Ms. Lee got in the Hermitage Museum after more than an hour of waiting in the ticket line, under pouring rain


The Throne


The restored royal banner


The tools used in restoration work


The steps of restoration work


The decor under a table made of gold and onyx


"The Concert" by Dirck Van Baburen, in the Hermitage Museum


A painting of Venice in the big Italian Hall in Hermitage Museum


Another painting about Venice in the Italian Hall


Detail of a bowl ornament in Hermitage Museum


Ms. Lee at the second floor staircase in the Hermitage Museum


The Bible Hall ceiling and wall paintings were taken strickly from the Bible


A special exhibit about weapons, including this one called "Shapely Musical"


The musical blades come in a violin case


The tzar's Winter Palace libary


The tzar's study has a small piano


A view of St. Isaac's Cathedral from Birzhevoy Bridge


Rainbow over Peter and Paul Fortress, an island next to downtown St. Petersburg


The Peter and Paul Fortress Church on the island


The entrance to the Peter and Paul Fortress


The Peter and Paul Fortress Church


A poster regarding the performances, including the Community Opera


Everyone stands at the Community Opera that includes a live orchestra in front of the stage


The court yard in Peter and Paul Fortress that holds the standing only community opera


A harmonious sculpture at the border of Alexander Park


Conjoining umbrella


The Artillery Museum


This looks dangerous


There are so many weapons on the Artillery Museum


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July 13, 2016

The hydrofoil moves visitors between downtown St. Petersburg and Peterhof Castle


This water way leads to the Peterhof Palace


Ms. Lee arrives at the Peterhof Castle outside of the city of St. Peterburg


The beautiful Peterhof Palace and fountains


The Peterhof Chapel


The water way that leads to Peterhof Palace


Water spouts lined the water way between the ocean and the Peterhof Palace


Getting close to the Palace


Two musicians in full costume on a bridge at Peterhof Palace


Look at the Peterhof Palace fountain


A side view of the Peterhof Palace fountain


The Peterhof Grand Palace outside of St. Petersburg


A statue in the fountain area


The main fountain at Peterhof Palace


The fountain characters


Ocean view from the top of Peterhof Palace


Another look at the water way to the ocean




The side yard garden steps and fountains on the Peterhof ground


Ms. Lee in the side yard of the Peterhof Castle


Beautiful little restaurant in the middle of the huge yard



The Peterhof Palace was almost completely destroyed


The rebuild effort since WWII


A small fountain in the garden of Peterhof Palace


Tree trimming is team work


Part of the grounds was covered by tall redwood trees


Say good-bye to the Peterhof Castle


Look at the contrasting sky


The Hermitage Museum Plaza in the sunset


A short section of railroad was cemented in the sidewalk in St. Petersburg


The Russian Fish Soup comes with a shot of vodka


Look at the clouds over the Hermitage Museum


Storm in the city of St. Petersburg


The wild sky above St. Petersburg


The more than 100-year-old Music Hall on the Alexander Park ground offers performances of music and ballet


Alexander Park hasa children's corner


The hallway inside the Music Hall


The end of the first act of "Swan Lake"


The musicians pit in the Music Hall


The beginning of Act III


"Swan Lake" final bow

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July 14, 2016

The last breakfast in St. Petersburg

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