Vienna, Austria

July 5, 2016

At the border of "Republik Österreich" (Republic of Austria), captured by Ms. Lee on the bus


Vienna, here we come!


The Hotel Grand Mercure, the Pacific Chorale's temporary home in Vienna. Austria


The left side of the Stephansdom, the Mozart church, in Vienna


Ms. Lee found a Pacific Chorale concert poster at the front door of Stephansdom, Vienna

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July 6, 2016

The garden clock in the center of the City Park, between the Hotel Mercure and center of Vienna


The famous Johann Strauss Monument in the Vienna City Park


Ms. Lee found the way to Franziskircher easily for the first rehearsal in Vienna


Gold candle holders in the Sisi Museum that holds all the Austrian royalty artifacts


More gold and silver bowls in the Sisi Museum


All the gold and silver silverware for party of 40!


The silverware for a 12-course dinner in the Sisi Museum


Ms. Lee in front of all the silver


Stunning china collection in the Sisi Museum


A five feet tall gold candle holder in the Sisi Museum



Hofburg, one of the biggest museum in Austria


The world's largest armor display in the Hofburg Armor Museum


Metal gloves and shoes


An ancient string instrument in Hofburg Music Museum


String instruments used in the 17th and 18th centuries


A music stand for a quartet from the 18th century


Mozart's childhood piano


The last piano Mozart used in Vienna


Instruments used by Beethoven when he was a little boy


The piano used by Beethoven


The Bosendorfer piano used by Franz Liszt


A music stand for a quartet from the 19th century


Ms. Lee stands between three Bosendorfer grand pianos


Hofburg Museum Piano court


Part of the Hofburg Museum was made into a children's corner for overnight sleep-away-camp


John Alexander, the director of Pacific Chorale, is waiting patiently for the concert to start


Pacific Chorale performance in Fransizkircher, Vienna


Pacific Chorale performs in Franziskircher in Vienna on 7/6/2016

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July 7, 2016

athe Austrian train system, QBB


THe interior of QBB train


The resting place for Beethoven, Mozart, and Schubert in the Central City Cenmetery, Vienna


The Belvedere Museum


The fountains of Belvedere Museum


The 18th century garden design at Belvedere Museum


The main hall of the Belvedere Museum


The fireplace in the main hall of Belvedere Museum


A Chinese artist's works are displayed in the Belvedere Museum
Yan Pei-ming, Shanghai


"The Philharmonics" by Maximillian Oppenheimer


Detail of the painting "The Philharmonics"


Another fountain on the Belvedere Museum ground


Rathaus, the City Hall is getting ready for the Euro2016 game


Ms. Lee in front of the Austrian Parliament


St. Mark's Basilica is another great concert venue


The Vienna Concert House


A bronze model of the Stephansdom


A side statue of the Stephansdom


A wall decor of the Stephansdom from the 17th century


The choral risers in the Stephansdom


The face of Stephansdom



A side view of the Stephansdom


A Mozart light in a chocolate store

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July 8, 2016

Looking at the Schloss Shonbrunn from the garden



The finger maze in the Maze Garden


Another finger maze in the Maze garden


The adult-size maze in the Maze Garden


This sign educates everyone about treating the tree with kindness in four languages


Glockenspiel, a musical instrument for the young and young-at-heart


Ms. Lee is playing a pentatonic sclae


The Emperor's Gate at the top of the hill


Looking from the Emperor's Gate down to the city of Vienna


A ten-horse-drawn golden carriage for the emperor


The emperor, Kaiser Franz Joseph, wore this outfit and a feather hat for official events


The Museum Quarter in the heart of downtown Vienna


A cute little ornament on top of a massive funiture


Stephansdom in the sunset


Street musicians playing for money


Pacific Chorale performs in the Stephansdom


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July 9, 2016

This statue has a bandaid on it!


Ms. Lee at the entrance to Belvedere Winter Palace in the middle of Vienna downtown


The cover to Mozart's "Marriage of Figaro" opera in the Mozart Haus


The ceiling of Mozart's bedroom in the Mozart Haus


Mozart's clock now plays his tunes


One of the coats that Mozart wore


The cover to Mozart's "Magic Flute" opera in the Mozart Haus


A model of "Queen of the Night" and sound track performance in Mozart's "Magic Flute"


The oven door in Mozart Haus


These are Mozart's words


Stephansdom back side shows the age of the church


The Music Stairs take visitors up to the Haus der Musik, a hands-on music museum


Multiple TV screens playing different productions around the world at the same time of Mozart's "Marriage of Figaro"


The hologram of Beethoven in Haus der Musik


German Mass by Franz Schubert


String Quartet floating in air in the Haus der Musik


A mural of musicians playing, copied from "The Philharmonics" by Maximillian Oppenheimer, in the Belvedere Museum


A photo of Johann Strauss and Brahms


A entry door that leads to a Mask Shop


A sign for the Peace Museum in Vienna


"Lily Pond" by Monet, in the Albertina Museum


"Inner Alliance" by Wassily Kandinsky, a famous Russian painter


"In the Garden: Peace" by Augusto Giacometti


Ms. Lee in front of an artwork called "Black On Black" in Albertina Museum


"Still Life With Guitar" by Picasso, in the Albertina Museum


"Nun Persecuted By Devil", a ceramic jar by Picasso, in the Albertina Museum


A beautiful Vienna apartment building


Ms. Lee at the Farewell Dinner in the Restaurant Wolff in the town, Neustift am Walde


Our dinner table at Restaurant Wolff


Pacific Chorale director, John Alexander, giving a farewell dinner speech


Musicians from the Farewell Dinner

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July 10, 2016

Ms. Lee on the CAT (City-Airport-Train) to airport for St. Petersburg


Comfortable airport sleepers in the Vienna Airport


A beautiful diamond skull as a display in an airport shop


Have you ever seen a tow truck for an airplane?


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