Budapest, Hungary


June 30, 2016

Budapest, here we come!


The interior of Hotel Sofitel, Chain Bridge, Budapest, Hungary


Ms. Lee's hotel window view of the city, including the famous Chain Bridge


Ms. Lee posts with a bronze sculpture on the river bank of Danube


Our lunch was how much?!


This gypsy band plays a fantastic mini concert on the street


A waterfall under the Döbrentei tér in the city of Budapest


Where are we now?


The Metro stop near Hotel Sofitel


The Franz Liszt wine


Buda Castle at night


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July 1, 2016

Window workers hanging from the roof outside of the building


The view of the Chain Bridge from the Buda Castle


WWI statue on the street to the Buda Castle


The Buda Castle has a Picasso Exhibit in the summer


Picasso Exhibit


The entry to Picasso's studio exhibit


"Lament" by Gyula Donath, 1903


The Buda Castle court yard


A different view of the Buda Castle Courtyard


The Buda Castle fountain


Looking up to the Buda Castle


The Fisherman's Bastion, another 13th century castle


The water truck spreads water on the streets to keep cool


Ms. Lee at the head of the Chain Bridge

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July 2, 2016

Pacific Chorale performs in the St. Stephens Basilica in the Old Town Pest


Ms. Lee going to a rehearsal


The Interior of the St. Stephens Basilica


St. Stephens main organ


Scripture on the wall of St. Stephens Basilica


Cars for rent!


The front entrance of the Budapest State Opera House, Hungary


The statue of Franz Liszt next to the entry of the Budapest Opera House


The entry Hall of the Budapest Opera House


The Opera House Grand Stairway


One of the Opera House Hallways


The Interior of Budapest State Opera House


The red velvet seats in the Budapest Opera House


Detail wood work on a column inside of the opera house


An opera box, room for seven people




Looking from the Opera Box onto the stage


Amazing stairway inside of the opera house


Ms. Lee on the Opera House balcony


One more grand staircase inside of the opera house


Ms. Lee in the opera house


Another look at the Budapest Opera House


A parade in the middle of the Old Town Budapest


On the way to performance, Ms. Lee standing with a bronze statue of a policeman


Children playing in the huge bubbles at the St. Stephens Basilica Plaza


Ms. Lee going to the first concert performance in Budapest, Hungary


Pacific Chorale performing in St. Stephens Basilica, Budapest, Hungary


A view of the St. Stephens Basilica at night


Late night view of the Buda Castle and the Chain Bridge


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July 3, 2016

The entry to Magyar Castle in the northeast area of Budapest


Inside of the Magyar Castle


A garden in front of the Magyar Castle


A church on the Magyar Castle's ground


A gathering of drummers at the Hero's Square for a peace prayer


Ms. Lee in the Hero's Square


Drummers at the Hero's Square


More people came to the gathering started to pray and chant


Pickle jars in a folk fair next to the Hero's Square


Beautiful tree-lined walkway next to Andres Street, the most famous street in Budapest


Ms. Lee stands outside of the Kodaly Institute


A Zoltan Kodaly plaque on the wall in the Kodaly Institute


A plaque for Franz Liszt on the street near the Kodaly Institute



A section of the Berlin Wall displays in front of the "House of Terror" in Budapest


The plaque accompanies the section of the Berlin Wall


Part of the Iron Curtain


A closer look at the Iron Chain Links


The House of Terror shows events and vistoms of several major wars


The artifact at the entrance of the House of Terror


The plaque that explains the purpose of House of Terror


The Metro stop called "Opera"


ANother look at the Opera House in Budapest


Ms. Lee and Liszt are inside of the Budapest State Opera House


What's in the name?

Where are we going?


A panoramic view of the city of Budapest


A horseman statue right outside of the Church in the Rocks, up on the hills looking at Danube River and city


Hundreds of stone steps lead to the Liberty Monument statues


Sculptures can be seen on the way to the Liberty Monument


Bullet holes cover the Citadel wall in Citadel Park in Budapest


The Liberty Monument at the Citadel Park


"Freedom Fire", one of the statues at the Citadel Park


A sculpture found on the grounds of Citadel Park


Looking at the Danube from Citadel


The front end of the Mattias Church, Pacific Chorale's second concert hall


The back side of Mattias Church


The horseman statue between Mattias Church and Fisherman's Bastion


Parts of the Fisherman's Bastion


A statue at the Fisherman's Bastion


A walkway at the Fisherman's Bastion


A 7-inch long grass hopper found on one of the columns at Fisherman's Bastion


A view of the parliament from the Fisherman's Bastion


Ms. Lee with a stone dragon


Ms. Lee in front of a side door at Mattias Church


A working door handle on one of the doors at Mattias Church


Looking at the Parliament from across the Danube River


A stone sculpture of a crown as decoration on the Margit Bridge


A panoramic view of the City of Budapest on both sides of the Danube River, from the Margit Bridge


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July 4, 2016

The statue marks the downtown Metro stop 1 in Budapest


Handmade creatures for decorating your planters


The Central Grand Market of Budapest


A busy butcher shop sells all kinds of sausages and cold cuts


Look at all the smoked goods, ham, bacon, turkey, and even cheese


A veggie stand with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables


A spice shop has all kinds of ingredients for cooking


A toy shop handles all kinds of Rubik's cubes and other puzzles


Colorful candy creatures in a candy shop


Crocodile shoes for sale


A stand selling dolls and puppets


A music store sells everything but sheet music


The interior of the Central Grand Market


Ms. Lee, wearing red, white, and blue for 4th of July, found a marble sculpture of a scooter rider


The wisemen statues on the wall at Fisherman's Bastion


Fisherman's Bastion in the sunset


Fisherman's Bastion and the Parliament in the sunset


Between 14th century stone columns, there are 20 century steal and glass buildings


This sculpture of saints was made in the year of 1235


Ms. Lee at the alter of the Mattias Church


Choral seats for church choir in the Mattias Church


Ms. Lee in the choral seat waiting for the concert to begin


The Mattias Church organ


The organ keyboards


Check out these organ pedals


These organ stops change the tone quality of the sounds of the organ


A bronze model of the Mattias Church


Audience are in a line to get into Mattias Church for the Pacific Chorale concert


The interior of the Mattias Church


The underground area used as the green room for concert inside of Mattias Church


The stone stairway inside of the Mattias Church


Beautiful under ground tunnel leads to an automatic restroom


Pacific Chorale performance at the Mattias Church


This concert includes Hungarian music written by Zoltan Kodaly


The back side of Mattias Church in the sunset


The beautiful roof top of the Mattias Church


"Marian Gate", stone arch that was placed above a doorway in the church before the 14th century


Mattias Church in the sunset


Another view of the Mattias Church in the sunset



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July 5, 2016

Chain Bridge at sunrise, our last day in Budapest


Where are we going?


Fields of sunflowers on the way to Vienna, Austria, on our bus ride

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