Berlin, Germany


June 27, 2016

The main train station in Berlin, Germany


Ms. Lee and a friend at the Berlin Komische Oper


A modern dance of ballet, accompanied by Johann Sebastian Bach's music


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June 28, 2016

Ms. Lee getting ready for a bike ride day at the Brandenburg Gate


The Holocaust Museum in Berlin, Germany


Streets are cleaned by a man-pulled vacuum


The location where Hitler's bunker was found


A cute little electric car being charged on the street


Ms. Lee stood beneath a Giant Walking on the Wall


A mural paints the history of the Uprising of the June17, 1953


The famous Check Point Charlie from WWII in the center of Berlin, Germany


The Berlin Wall Museum


A picture shows the divided Brandenburg Gate


Posters regarding the rebuild of Berlin posted on the old West Berlin side of The Wall


A section of the Berlin Wall (east side) painted with Germany and Isarel flags


Mural painters working at the Berlin Wall on the east side


The Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin, Germany


The Oberbaum Bridge is another divider of the East and West Berlin


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June 29, 2016

The Bode Museum on the Museum Island, Berlin, Germany


The Bode Museum courtyard on the Museum Island, Berlin, Germany


Bode Museum entry hall with a statue of King Friedrichi in 1703


The grand staircase in Bode Museum is over 50 feet tall


A gorgeous wood work of Madonna and Prayers in the Bode Museum


The rebuilt Neues Museum


With a team of 200+, Ms. Lee's friend designed and rebuilt the grand staircase and interior of the Neues Museum


"A Billet Outside of Paris" painted by Anton von Werner, shows a private concert in a french home
with a simple line of music notation on the frame at the bottom of the painting


"Berlin Gold Hat", the display of a hat made of pure gold in the Neues Museum


"The Flute Concert of Frederick the Great at Sanssouci" by Adolph Menzel, 1875


A sculpture of Richard Wagner by Lorenz Gedon, 1915


Many old columns were preserved inside of the museum


Visible bullet holes left on the buildings from WWII


The Friedrichsbrucke and Berlin Cathedral over the river Spree


Ms. Lee in front of the famous Berlin Cathedral


Lots of new constructions in the heart of Berlin


The Pergamon Museum next to the Berlin Cathedral


The "Neue Wache" is the place where Germany commemorates and remembers the victims of war and tyranny


The ground floor of a museum was rented out for a wedding


The German Prime Minister office building


Ms. Lee standing in front of the Parliament


The Parliament Building


Ms. Lee having fun playing on a Steinway in the Hotel Adlon Kempinski


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