Day 9, 6/29/15, Hiroshima Shrine and Arriving Kyoto


The street sign shows us that our hotel was within walking distance to the Atomic Bomb (Genbaku) Dome


The Hypocenter is one block away from the A-Bomb Dome


The A-Bomb (Genbaku) Dome


Students from all of her five schools and Ms. Lee made hundreds of cranes for Hiroshima Memorial, Genbaku Dome, during the last week of school and Ms. Lee brought the cranes to this spiritual Shrine from Irvine, California


The top level of the Atomic Bomb (Genbaku) Dome


A side view of the Atomic Bomb (Genbaku) Dome


Inside of the Dome


Mr. Hattori of IEJ 2015 stands next to the Dome


The Aioi Bridge plaque


Ms. Lee stood on the Aioi River, next to the Genbaku Dome, the original Atomic Bombing target


The Ota River divides the A-Bomb Dome and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park


The Bell of Peace Tower


The Bell of Peace Plaque


The Bell of Peace


The Bell of Peace should be struck softly


Ms. Lee with the Bell of Peace and cranes


A view of the Genbaku Dome


A close look of the Genbaku Dome


A sculpture of Sadako Sasaki on top of the memorial


Mrs. Masciel put the cranes she brought from Irvine, California, onto the hooks in a cranes offering station


Mrs. Masciel showed off the origami cranes made by her students from Jeffrey Trail Middle School, Irvine, California


Ms. Lee is hooking up the cranes from her five schools


Ms. Lee is very proud of her students for making the hundreds of origami cranes


Mrs. Masciel and Ms. Lee posted with the Irvine origami cranes


Thousands of cranes are placed in one station


Some origami cranes are created as an art work


More art work created with origami cranes


More art work created with origami cranes


More art work created with origami cranes


Another art work created with origami cranes


Lots of origami cranes in this station


The sun hits the origami cranes made by Irvine students


An artistic origami corner



The Sadako Sasaki Memorial



The statue of Sadako Sasaki on top of the Memorial


The Sadako Sasaki Memorial is a part of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and Park


Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park


A side view of the Memorial


A view of the Peace Museum


National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims


Another view of the Memorial


The Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Explosion Map


The curator of the Peace Memorial presented the historical facts about the explosion


The survivor's wish provided by an Atomic Bombing victim


With the explosion and radiation related illness, about 350,000 people died



The last page of Mr. Koji Matsuo's hour long speech


Mr. Koji Matsuo's speech was translated simultaneously by an interpreter


Currently Mr. Koji Matsuo is into philanthropy and classical music promotion


Mr. Matsuo is a friend of conductor Seiji Ozawa


The curator of the Peace Memorial holds another concert poster


Ms. Lee and an Atomic Bombing survivor, Mr. Koji Matsuo, President of Calbee Inc.
Mr. Matsuo gave a moving account of his surviving experience on August 6, 1945, when the Atomic Bomb exploded
He is an Ambassador of Peace, a Promotor of Music Education, and a Believer of Music Heals


The Hiroshima Peace Memorial


The Peace Memorial Museum


A different view of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial


The original tree remains from the Atomic Bomb Explosion


The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park


Ms. Lee holds a copy of the Pacific Symphony Orchestra's latest program in front of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum


Moving to Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto, here we come


A lantern and fan display at the Kyoto New Miyako Hotel


The cute Japanese road construction system


The guard at the gate to Inari Temple


The entry gate to the Inari Temple


Fushimi Inari Taisha


The Inari Temple



There are lots of little temples on this mountain



Ms. Lee takes a little break from all the walking


Ms. Lee is now ready for more climbing


A beautiful shrine


This temple was build in the 10th century



All dressed up for an outting to Inari Temple


Traditional Japanese lady outfits


The temple to receive a fortune


The base of Mount Inari is 233 meters above sea level and takes two hours to get to the top


It's only the beginning


Let the climbing begin


Beautiful blue hydragea


A bird's eyeview of the city of Kyoto, Japan


Ms Lee made this far, half way to the top, easily


You are here now and only four more stops to the top


A breath-taking view even higher up on the mountain


Are we there yet?


The moving water keeps the group moving


A quiet waterfall and stream


Going to the top


How many more steps?


Two fun teachers playing around on the way to the top of the mountain


Ms. Lee just climbed more than 1,100 steps to get here


Ms. Lee had made it to the top, the number one temple on Inari Mountain



A group of teachers made it to the top of Inari Mountain by climbing more than 1,100 steps


In the city of Kyoto, Japan, the sun is going...














going down...


What a beautiful sunset from the top of Inari Mountain


The sun has gone to the other side of the mountain of the city of Kyoto, Japan


The bridge to take us home


A well lit wishing well


The moon is coming out above the Inari Temple


THe Inari Temple shines beautifully


Moon over Inari Temples


The Inari Temple in the night


A well lit walkway to and from Inari Temple and Mountain


Yummy Japanese food plates at downtown Kyoto, Japan


A delicious ice cream display next to rice and salt? Only in Japan


Vending machine paradise


A moon lite Kyoto sky over the Kyoto Tower, good night!


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