Day 6, 6/26/15, Horyuji Temple Visit & Meeting Ikaruga Elementary School Students and Staff


Ms. Lee go through the holy water ceremony at the entrance of the temple


The rain is coming down fast onto Horyuji Temple
This tile design is unique for this temple only

The Horyuji Temple is the oldest wooden temple in Japan and welcomes hundreds of school children daily, rain or shine


The two original structures, the main temple and five tier pagoda


Ms. Lee and her private temple tour guide, Ms. Reiko Yao


Ms. Lee in the rain


This tile design means Water


The rain makes everything mystical


You will never know there are hundreds of children behind that East Gate


The is the school yard at Ikaruga Elementary School


The totem poles in Ikaruga Elementary School



The Head Teacher was in charge of the visitation


The whole school got together to welcome the visiting teachers


Ms. Lee gave a short speech to the students and staff in Ikaruga Elementary School


The School Song


The fourth grade class welcomes Ms. Lee


Happy fourth graders


Musical fourth grade boys, after Ms. Lee talked to them about Johann Sebastian Bach


The fourth grade classroom teacher and Ms. Lee had lunch with all the students in the classroom


Students made origami objects for Ms. Lee


A piano?


Rice Everyone!


Milk Everyone!


Lunch Preparation


Lunch Preparation


Lunch Preparation


Lunch Preparation


Ms. Lee joined the fourth grade class for a school made lunch


Milk Jar


Ms. Lee's host family mom joined the lunch crowd


Reading and quiet chit-chating after lunch


More reading


A healthy plan for school lunch


The Kanji (Chinese) characters for American visiting teachers to work on


Ms. Lee practice the calligraphy strokes


Ms. Lee finished one before the sixth graders


This character means several things, including happiness, fun, and music


Ms. Lee wrote on a "Character" fan


Three American teachers joined by the whole sixth grade class with their teacher


Where is my teacher?


After school music club


Two accordian players


The scale with Japanese Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do underneath


Fingering chart for recorder and music note names


Music note names and explanations


A "Noh" performance


The "Noh" instructor


Explanation on the female mask


The inside of the mask


A male visiting teacher volunteered to play a part of a "Noh" performance


A female visiting teacher volunteered to play a part of a "Noh" performance


Even the stairway reminds students about the basic quality of a perfect human being


The unique tile design for Ikaruga Elementary School only, which means colorful jade


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