Day 5, 6/25/15, Todaiji Temple Visit & Meeting Host Family



The very busy Tokyo Train Station at Shinogawa


The bullet train to Kyoto is arriving in ONE MINUTE


Beautiful country side of Tokyo


A suspension bridge outside of Tokyo City


Rice field everywhere


Another rice field by the train track


Meeting our Nara and Kyoto tour guide, Mari


The stairway to bullet train


The Nara IEJ tour group


Ms. Lee and a mannequin at the Nara Train Station


Nara Highway


Nara Highway connection


Beautiful country side of rice field


A cute SUV


Rush hour traffic in Nara with ONE main street only


Natural resources line the streets


The New National Culture Society is located in Seika Town


Mari explains the differences in Buddism and Shinto on the way to Todaiji Temple (Buddism Temple)


Be careful with animals


National Diet Library ahead, all about nutrition


What an easy license plate!


A delicious little salad made with vegetables grown in the backyard


A simple high chair design


What a fantastic lunch at Coto Coto Restaurant!


The friendly restaurant staff at Coto Coto Restaurant


Todaiji Temple local map


A cute vintage car


The entrance walkway to Todaiji Temple


Tour Guide, Mari, showing the way


A little deer, Japanese believe they are god's messenger


Deer Temple


School Field Trip


The Guard at Todaiji Temple


Another school group


A lovely day at Todaiji Temple


Before the entrance of the quiet inside yard


Follow the Leader the High Priest


The tatami room entrance


The temple slippers for visitors


The meeting Room


Meeting Todaiji Temple high priest before visiting the biggest Buddha in Japan


A Todaiji Temple brochure and tea and sweets


Teachers figuring out the afternoon tea and sweets


Conversations during afternoon tea


Quiet side yard behind the big Buddha


Ms. Lee in the backyard of Todaiji Temple


The main walkway to Todaiji Temple


One of Buddha's guard


School groups visit the Nara Todaiji Temple


A prestine side yard at the temple


This is the biggest Buddha in Japan


The bronze Buddha is about 50 feet tall, like 6 floors


The main hall of the temple was build in 752 A.D.


Incense is burnt at all time


IEJ teachers gathered at the front gate

A delivery scooter


Two Mitsubishi cars


English Brand market


Phone company with parking spots for light-weighted cars


Ms. Lee gave a speech at the Ikaruga Town welcome meeting





The Ikaruga Town musicians


The closing remarks


The local market


The fish cakes in the market, Pikacho anyone?


Dairy Products filled the cooler


Lots of juice and tea


Mrs. Uji shopping in the market


Self packing at the end of shopping


Mrs. Uji in her Prayer Room (Ms. Lee's new bedroom)


The Uji family room, with an Yamaha piano


The Uji's automatic toilet control, ha ha!




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