Day 4, 6/24/15, Seiko Kimino Cultural Foundation Visit


On the way to the kimono school, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Varsace, and more stores can be seen on the main street of Ginza District


The kimono design room


Kimono dressing room


Kimono School staff


Kimono dressing explanation and demostration


Two helpers required to afinish rgw fancy kimono


Tie the yukata wrap into a bow


Almost done


The back side of a fancy kimono for any young lady


Ms. Lee and the kimono model


Under Garment


Ms. Masciel getting dressed in her kimono


Several teachers were getting dressed into their kimono at the same time


Ms. Lee had chosen this black kimono


A belt is added to hold everything together


Another belt is in the back


Another under garment is added


Time to put on the kimono


Make the back side line up


Line up the back neck line


Check the length in front


Line up the front neck line


Ready for another belt


Tug in the mid-section under a belt


Fix the waist area


Add another belt before the yukata


Make sure the excess fabric is tugged in


Fixing the belt on the back side


Look at the gold color belt on the floor


Time to add the final belt on


Finding the best design for the front


Almost there


Still working on the back side


Another fold


Continue folding


Tuck in the extra material


One more sash added


Make the bow stand out


The red belt needs to look right


Another kimono staff joined to work on Ms. Lee's ki,mono


The bow is almost perfect


The result of hard work is right around the corner


Very close to the perfect ending


Look at the work!




Male teachers were getting their kimonos on too


All done! Ms. Lee thanked her kimono worker


Ms. Lee's kimono outfit is completed and a perfect time for a selfie



Lookat that kimono


Ms. Lee stood next to a dark green kimono


The back side


Ms. Lee is ready for the town


Look at the sleeve!


Ms. Lee showing off the kimono


Ms. Lee was happy to share this experience


Ms. Lee and Mr. Wiseman in their completed kimono outfits


Ms. Lee posted with Aki-san, from the IEJ program


Ms. Lee and Ms. Masciel dressed in their complete kimono outfits


Seven kimono ladies in Tokyo, Japan


Unlike the 45 minutes dessing time of a formal kimono, it took only two minutes to get it off!


A young lady dressed in a french maid costume to pass out flyers for a restaurant


Each machine gives out $2-$3 worth of little toys


Happy birthday Mrs. Nagaoka, at the Robot Restaurant



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