Day 10, 6/30/15, Bus Tour in Kyoto



The entrance to Zen Garden


A big Lily pad


Mari talks about the garden


The lotus pond


Another look of the lotus pond


One more look of the lotus pond


The gigantic carp


Pink lotus


White lotus


More white lotus


Even more white lotus


Two geese on the island


A cleaning broom


A tree on crutches


Beautiful hydragrea


Peaceful Ocean


Meeting Room


Big meeting room


Praying point


Curved beams


The zen garden


Ms. Lee in the zen garden


The rocks in the zen garden


Lotus pads


Standing lotus


Another standing lotus


One more standing lotus


The view of the lotus pond


Beautiful pink lotus


Exquisite white lotus


A turtle on the rock


A happy turtle on the rock



Kinkakuji Gold Temple


Tour guide, Mari-San, talked about the Buddism believes


Map for Rokuonji, "Deer Garden Temple", a Zen Buddist Temple famous for its Gold Temple (Kinkakuji)


A tiny earth mover at Kinkakuji Temple


A little pebble mover for the Kinkakuji Temple


The Five Don'ts: 1.Don't take another life, 2.Don't steal, 3. Don't commit adultery, 4. Don't fight, 5.Don't drink too much


The Gold Temple, Kinkakuji, built with 24k gold


Ms. Lee at the Gold Temple


A closer look at the Gold Temple


A duck in the pond


A Gold Phoenix at the top of the Gold Temple


A gold water spout


A special design for the spout closure


Volunteer gardener working at the Gold Temple


The dragon waterfall


The sign of water used on other structures in Rokuoji (Deer Garden Temple)


A 600-year-old Bonsai that is two stories tall


Another look at the magical Bonsai


This bonsai has its own garden


The Gold Phoenix above the Gold Temple


A winter look of the Kinkakuji Temple


The inside of the Kinkakuji Temple


Two turtles on the rocks


The Gold Temple from a distance


A crane, the symbol of good luck and long life, shows up at the Gold Temple pond


The tile design for the surrounding shops


The square in the center is being used four times in this design to make a sentence



Stencil Work

Downtown Kyoto business street

A tiny cement truck on the street, definitely not all 9 yards


A beautiful and fragrant gardenia from the sidewalk in the fabric district


Another narrow street in the city of Kyoto


This way please


A silk and fabric store that deals with stencil art work prints


Ms. Lee is at least three inches taller than the doorway to the art studio


Which pattern should we choose?


Let's get the aprons on first


All teh American teachers are ready to do some hand-on art projects


Mr. Servin, from Michigan-Toyota group, and Mr. Berting, from Brussels-Ikaruga group


Ms. Lee and Ms. Novara, from the Michigan-Toyota group


Who is going for the kabuki mask?


We are ready and now what?


The Kinkakuji Temple


The paint and stencil for this project


The first stencil


It looks incomplete


The second stencil


This stencil and color change everything


Can you see the project now?


The color gold should add to the spirit of this art work


The shades of green was a true practice of patience


Almost there


The last stencil requires the color brown again


It is done, the Gold Temple, Kinkakuji


The American teachers working with their hands on art projects


Some teachers are still working on their master piece


The group workshop room


A stunning stencil artwork on the wall


The little guard on top of the roof to protect the building and establishment




Kiyomizo Temple

Crowded streets are filled with tourists


Busy streets lead to the Kiyomizu Temple on the mountain


The iron objects are punishments for criminals in the ancient time


The three-tier pagoda is famous for fertility wishes


A public resting place on the hill


Where does this set of steps go to?


A popular wishing well at Kiyomizu Temple


Kiyomizu Temple is way up in the mountain above the city of Kyoto


Ms. Lee in front of the Bell of Kiyomizu


Ms. Lee stands with a bronze figure


A taiko drum was used in a performance of well wishes


A beautiful design to hide nails


A decorative metal oiece to hide joints of wood structure


From the observaton deck, one can see the Kyoto Tower in a distance


A full view of the back side of the huge Kiyomizu Temple


Tour guide, Mari-san, talks about the function of a Geisha on the way to Gion


There are four geisha living in this house



A tiny sign behind the tiny bush about a tiny tea room


Gion has the looks of an ancient Japanese town


A geisha sighting in a little narrow path


A cross street sign on the ground


The National Theater for Japanese art form performances


a rain soaked street in the Gion District


Mr. Hattori and Ms. Lee had a great conversation while looking for geisha sighting


Beautiful red and greed maple trees and horse tail lined this house


A little wishing well outside of a front door


A fancy sake shop


There are four geisha living in this house


There are 13 geisha living in this house


Street signs on the ground


A quiet and beautiful walkway leads to a front door


A tanuki stands in front of a house, the symbol of



A geisha crossing the street


A delivery scooter


A Geisha going to town


Dinner at Izakaya (Kyoto Tower)


Ms. Wakita orders dinner for us


Delicious sake served extremely cold in a stone container





The corn tempura was superb!


The veggie roll was wrapped in fresh tofu skin


Look at this soy sauce spoon


A fish cake fried with a chestnut on top


The assorted salad looked great and tasted yummy!


The tuna/avocado rolls and veggie rolls were superb!


The tofu dish was delicious and heart-warming at the same time


THe rice dishes came in their own little wok!


THese are the locally grown veggies used in the dinner dishes


On the way back to the hotel, we stumbled onto a plan for the paper float parade


All the fans in the parade were on disply


Each fan has its own name and history


MOre detailed display of one of the floats


The many elements associated with the float


It was a splendid day in Japan! Good night!


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